But, too many buyers lose out time and again in multiple bid situations - not because their bid was too low, but because they did not present their offer (or more importantly, themself) in the best way.


It’s not always about who is willing to pay the most money

Buyers sometimes forget estate agents only get paid when the sale goes through. If the estate agent thinks you are not a serious buyer - why would they promote your offer to the seller, even if its higher than competing offers?


If you have already established a relationship with the agent and they know you as a serious and more importantly - an organised buyer, who is able to see the transaction through to completion - the stronger the chance of you getting your offer accepted.


Three ways to strengthen your offer


Be clear about your timeframe.

Informing the agent when want to exchange and complete shows that you are serious and organised and are committed to the purchase.


Be clear about your financial position.  

If you are a cash buyer – show them. Too many buyers say they are cash buyers, when in reality they are not. If you present the agent with a bank statement or a Mortgage Certificate and there are two other cash buyers who haven’t – who do you think will be in the strongest position?


Have a good solicitor ready.

The most common reason that a sale 'falls through' is incompetent solicitors (of which there are many). If you have a London based solicitor that is known to the estate agent, this will strengthen your offer.