Is now a good time for London buy-to-let investors?


After the strong price rises in the first half of 2014, investing in central London property started to look less appealing for many investors. Popular areas like Pimlico, Westminster and The City saw yields drop sharply as purchase prices continued to increase and rents fell by up to 10%.

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Should you buy an apartment with a short lease?


With London property prices increasing dramatically over the past twenty years, so has the cost of extending a lease.


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Will London Property Prices fall in 2015?


London property prices have fallen. According to Rightmove, asking prices fell an average 5.1% across the capital since the end of the summer, and in some boroughs like Hammersmith and Fulham, by as much as 7%.


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Are we in a buyers’ market?


It was only back in August of this year that the buying frenzy that started in January reached its peak and sellers were in the strongest position they had been in since the pre-recession surge of 2006.


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3 simple things to make your property search easier


The difference between success and failure in securing a great London property is sometimes due to doing the smallest of things. Doing the following, if you have not done so already, should at the very least put you in the strongest position possible to find a great property.

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Where are London Property Prices heading in 2014?


Will interest rates rise? Will the pound get stronger? Will house prices rise as quickly as 2013? Will property transactions increase?

These are all questions on the tip of property buyers tongues, and rightly so. For the moment though,

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How to win in multiple-bid situations


If you are buying a property in London, the likelihood of you bidding against multiple buyers on the same property is high. Sometimes as many as five or six other parties – especially when stock levels are low and the number of buyers high – which tends to be majority of the time.


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Are we heading for a bubble?


You can't read the news at the moment without hearing about London's rising property prices and the possibility of a bubble.

It is easy to start thinking the London property market has lost control; however, the picture is never

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The Help to Buy Scheme - what is it and does it work?


In April this year the government launched part one of the Help to Buy scheme, which aims to assist buyers purchase a new-build property by boosting their deposit by as much as 20% of the property value.

Whereas previous schemes assisted first time buyers, this scheme is open to current homeowners,

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Will rising interest rates affect London property prices?


The Bank of England (BOE) interest rate has been set at 0.5% since March 2009. Borrowers have become accustomed to low-rates – which are great if you have a mortgage or want to get one.

With the average mortgage product hovering around 3% (2.5% above base rate), there is a concern

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Buying London Property as a Pension - pros and cons


Residential property investment for the part-time investor has grown exponentially since the Housing Act of 1988 and arrival of Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST’s).  Without getting into the boring technicalities, AST’s allowed property owners to evict tenants. Before this, tenants had the right to stay

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