Investment Search and Acquisition Service



As London investment property finders, we help people with diverse needs: from experienced investors with a large portfolio to those seeking their very first London buy-to-let investment.

Based on our vast experience of London’s different localities, market conditions and hard data, each investment search is tailored to your individual requirements. However, our typical investment search follows the following steps


Understanding Your Aims

1 – Understanding Your Aims


Before we start any investment search and develop a brief, we would like to assess, amongst other things

  • How long you intend like to keep the asset
  • If you plan to manage it directly or through an agent
  • if you plan to release equity from the property at a later date
  • If you prefer the predictability of a new build or the security of a period property
  • If you are more motivated by capital growth or rental return


2 – Search and previews


Speaking with our network of contacts, we access properties that have not yet hit the market, or may be coming back to the market. We assess every property we preview from an objective perspective, shortlisting the best ones for you to see.

3 – Property Tour


Once your shortlist is compiled, we’ll arrange a personal tour so you can view them consecutively at a convenient time for you. A property tour may consist of seeing anywhere between five and ten properties, depending on the market and time of year.


4 – Negotiation and Due Diligence


Once we have found your ideal investment property, we identify any legal considerations and benchmark the property against others sold in the area. We will look at, amongst other factors

  • Potential for capital growth in the area
  • Cost per square foot value
  • Projected rental yield
  • Cost of maintenance


5 – Oversee legal process through to completion


Our role at this stage is to manage the process as closely as possible. We make sure all parties communicate openly and punctually, so your purchase proceeds on schedule. We are there to translate any potential problems that may arise and if need be introduce you to surveyors, architects, builders or managing agents.


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