Case Study - Paris to Maida Vale



Our Client


Family from Paris relocating for husband’s work

The Brief


  • budget of £2,800 per calendar month
  • Maximum thirty minutes to work to central London, door to door
  • Three bedrooms minimum
  • Unfurnished


Our approach


Prior to contacting us, our clients were not familiar with London areas other than the West End and main tourist attractions. They needed to be no more than thirty minutes from central London, we initially discussed what potential areas could work including south west London (Clapham, Battersea) and west London (Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, West Kensington) and North West London (St Johns Wood, Maida Vale, Hampstead and Belsize Park).

Our first step was a Skype conversation to find out what our clients were looking for. Prior to this conversation we sent our clients a list of example properties from each area so they could get an understanding of what area can offer – its pros and cons and why it may or may not suit them.

We discussed their preferences for property styles, layouts and sizes, their main priorities and what they needed nearby likes parks, shops, restaurants etc. We established that as they had a baby, a good park nearby would become increasingly important as time went on. They were also looking for a minimum two year contract.

The search

We started the search by previewing several properties prior to our clients arrival then feeding back via email. This allowed us to hone down the shortlist for their visit avoid them having to see multiple properties that did not suit their requirements. We viewed nine properties to see on their arrival across four neighbourhoods - Hampstead, West Hampstead, Maida Vale and St John’s Wood.

From the nine properties we viewed, we shortlisted three which were of potential interest. Two in Maida Vale and one in West Hampstead, which we went to 2nd view the following morning. 

Whilst our clients could have settled on any of the three shortlisted properties, we decided to bid for  Randolph Ave in Maida Vale, a stunning Mansion Block apartment,  due to its space, location internal condition and character.  We had only found out about this property the day before our clients arrived, so we were the first through the door.

The result

The aim was to secure the property as quickly as possible as we did not want to lose out. Being the first through the door we had an advantage over other potential tenants. The property was listed at £2816.00 and we negotiated the price to £2730.00 per month on a two year contract with a relocation break clause (if our client had to move for work, two month’s notice can be served).

Our clients were extremely happy with the result and have settled into the area well. They have good use of the nearby park and enjoy the atmosphere and style of the area.

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