Benefits for International Buyers


Relocating in London, or buying London property from overseas, is an exciting prospect. It can be rather onerous though – not to mention time consuming.

That’s why it helps to have someone on your side – a London relocation agent with local knowledge who ensures you’ll get the best possible representation in the market.

We’ve helped individuals, couples and families from across the globe find their dream home or investment. We’ve not only found them the ideal property, we’ve also taken the stress out their purchase by managing the entire process for them – from initial searches to completion. 

Whether you’re relocating to London, or investing from overseas, here’s how we can help:

Expert Advice

Our advice is always independent, honest, and based upon unrivaled knowledge of local areas. We’ll listen to your needs and find you a corner of London you’ll truly love – whether it’s somewhere that’s prestigious, up and coming, or a closely guarded secret that represents excellent value for money. You can find out more about our consultancy service here.


A Network of Local Contacts


This is what our clients’ value the most – the kind of contacts only relocation agents like us can boast. When you ask us to find a home, we’ll plug into our network of trusted London property professionals, including surveyors, lawyers, builders and architects. This helps us to unearth desirable off-market properties.


Local Knowledge


Properties in the UK are divided into two categories – leasehold and freehold. Each has its own pros and cons. We’ll explain all the idiosyncrasies of the local market to you.


Nothing Lost in Translation


Buying London property is complicated enough without the language barrier. If you’d like a translator to escort you on your property tour, we can arrange this.

As London relocation agents we’ll take great care to find you a home or investment property that suits your precise needs. Everyone is different, so every search we undertake is as individual as you are. Click here to find out more about us and our approach.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a meeting, please phone us on 020 7183 1078 or contact us HERE