Rental Search Service - Process

Finding the perfect rental property can be just as tough as finding somewhere to buy: all those viewings, negotiating rents, dealing with landlords and rental agents. It’s a bore.

That’s why many astute tenants are now using London property finders like us: experts who know London like the back of their hand, can find jewels in the heart of London’s most desirable boroughs, do all the legwork for you, and represent your interests not the landlord’s.

Whether you’re looking for a penthouse in the heart of the city, a detached family home in a leafy suburb or a laidback riverside apartment, we’ll find you somewhere ideal.

We’ll also negotiate favourable rents – whether short-term lets or long-term residences - and make sure your move goes smoothly.

We deal with both private individuals and organisations, so whoever you are don’t hesitate to get in touch. The same care and attention goes into every search.

Everybody’s needs are slightly different, so we’ll discuss your requirements before we start, but a typical search follows these steps ...

1 – Understanding your requirements

Finding the perfect home for someone is a very personal thing. Our emphasis is therefore on you: finding out your individual requirements, likes and dislikes, and discovering the little things that separate a good property from your perfect one.

To do this, we’d like to meet you in person, or talk via the phone or webcam. We’ll also discuss potential areas you’d like to live, and what you can expect for your budget.


2 – Plug Into Our Network


Once we know your individuals needs, we’ll speak to our network of contacts and fellow market insiders. We’ll typically speak to over forty professionals (including landlords, letting agents and property developers).


3 – Property Previews


We’ll do an initial tour of suitable looking homes in the area – to see if they’re really as good as they seem on paper. This saves you the considerable time and effort viewing them yourself.  Once we’re satisfied a property meets your personal criteria, we’ll recommend it to you.


4 – Your Personal Property Tour


Once we’ve compiled a shortlist of recommended properties, we’ll arrange a personal tour so you can view them consecutively at a time that suits you.


5 - Due Diligence


Having found your ideal home, we’ll identify any legal considerations, assess the landlord’s position, and research comparable rents in the area. This will enable us to determine the property’s true value and formulate a watertight negotiation strategy.


6 - Negotiation


Finding a perfect London property is one thing; securing it is quite another. Because an aggressive strategy is sometimes required, it pays to have an experienced negotiator in your corner.

An offer from The London Property Scout carries more weight than one made by a previously unknown individual, so we’ll help you secure the right property at the best possible rent.


7 – Your Move


We’ll liaise with your landlord or letting agent to make sure your tenancy hits the ground running. We’ll also provide a list of utility companies you’ll need to contact.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a meeting, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7183 1078 or contact us HERE.