Residential Search Service


Every property search we undertake is tailored to each of our client’s individual needs and requirements. However, the below process is a guideline to our homebuyer search service. 


Understanding your requirements

1 – Understanding your requirements 


Finding the perfect home for someone is a very personal thing. Our emphasis is therefore on you: finding out your individual likes, dislikes and discovering the things that separate a good property from your perfect one.

To do this, we’d ideally like to meet you in person, or talk via phone.   


2 – Search and previews


Speaking with our network of contacts, we access properties that have not yet hit the market, or may be coming back to the market. We scrutinise every property from an objective perspective, shortlisting the best ones for you to see.  


3 – Property Tour


Once we’ve compiled a shortlist, we’ll arrange a personal tour so you can view them consecutively at a time that suits you. A property tour may consist of seeing anywhere between five and ten properties, depending on market conditions and time of year. 


4 - Due Diligence and negotiation


Having found your ideal home, we identify any legal considerations and benchmark the property against others sold in the area. This will enable us to determine the property’s true value and formulate a watertight negotiation strategy. 

As your personal representative, working exclusively for you, we are there to achieve the best property at the best price on the most favourable terms for you. 


5 – Oversee legal process through to completion


Often the most intricate part of the buying process, overseeing the legal conveyancing process can overwhelm many buyers. We make sure all parties communicate openly and punctually, so your purchase proceeds on schedule. We are there to translate any potential problems that may arise and if need be introduce you to surveyors, architects, builders or other required services.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a meeting, don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7183 1078 or contact us HERE.


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